We take pride in our work and the motives behind it. Our objective is to revive the foundational connection that we all share with the great outdoors. We believe that playscapes and landscapes should be beautiful to look and fun to experience. These pursuits wouldn't be possible without our passionate and creative team.



Leslie Mennie graduated from Regent College with a Master of Arts and a certificate of Landscape Design from UBC. Working on the family farm, Les learned the value of hard work, appreciation for nature, and how to find creative solutions for unique challenges. He began driving the combine at age 10, and later worked as a roofer, tree planter, fishing lodge guide, and regional park manager to name a few. 15 years ago he found a passion to work for in building natural playgrounds. He loves creating a vision and seeing it come to fruition. Les is also an advocate for integration/inclusiveness of abilities, and loves transforming adaptive spaces for kids to play in. He enjoys going to classical concerts with his wife, or spending time outdoors with their two boys and labradoodle. He loves pretty much anything to do with the outdoors, including kite boarding, x-skiing, the backcountry, hiking or fishing.


Stacey is a creative and enthusiastic partner to Les Mennie. Together they form a vibrant and detailed team. Stacey has been managing a private violin-teaching studio for the past 20 years, with a particular focus on early childhood music and alternative teaching methods. She has performed with numerous orchestras in Western Canada and adjudicated at several festivals. The past decade Stacey has been inspired to become an autism advocate and support person. She supports the business with everything related to the indoor tasks while her husband Les supports the business with the outdoor tasks. She enjoys sewing, reading, gardening and hiking in her spare time, as well as spending time with her two sons and labradoodle.

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